Learn what makes other people tick and how you can apply this knowledge.

We provide an insight into the world of people

No matter what industry we work in:
As people, we have the ability to motivate, progress and create success. People who are best at this know how to assess others and have a deep understanding of themselves, as they have learned how to make the most of valuable human resources.

RMP stands for

Reflect - think about and really get to know yourself.
Match - work well with others.
Perform - act based on the motivations behind your own actions and achievements and be more successful.

Our priority is to enable rapid, sustainable and, above all, value-based success. We help you to make the best use of people and focus on success. We enable success because we help you to

  • Learn more about yourself and others.
  • Work well with others.
  • Leverage the intrinsic motivations behind achievements in yourself and others.
  • Make autonomous decisions.
  • Express and make the most of individuality.
  • Appreciate what makes you different.
  • Uncover hidden potential.
  • Discover and understand internal drivers

By working out what fits, we can reduce the distance between intentions and results, particularly in the following areas:

  • Performance
  • Learning
  • Training
  • Coaching
  • Leadership
  • Support
  • Know-how transfer
  • Project management
  • Processes Change management
  • Team building

Create your own success!

These methods help you to develop yourself and others in order to achieve success. No internal processes need to be changed.

RMP is the licensor of the Reiss Motivation Profile® Find out more

RMP swiss: This is us

Daniele Gianella

We appreciate and value people’s individuality and help you to see this too; only then you can use it.

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In your opinion, what does RMP do for its clients?

We enable people to tackle the issue of individuality clearly and tangibly. It’s for individuals, but also for employees and anyone who the company works with, including partners and clients. It’s about discovering: Who am I? What makes my employees tick? My colleagues, my team, my peers that I work with...and how can I use that? This is where we can help.

How does RMP work?

Most of the time, companies are experiencing change. This means they have developed new values, are working on their vision and have noticed that although everyone understands what is meant by the corporate values or vision, when you really take a close look at how this is implemented, it's incredibly different for each person. When it comes to wondering ‘how do I support this individual in realising our joint vision or corporate values or our brand vision?’ companies come up empty-handed.

We address your issue with companies and ask: Do these visions or corporate values exist and if so, how are they expressed? Are they clearly defined? We then provide our clients with individual insight, explaining what makes different people tick and how you can use this information.

We reflect with each individual about: Who am I? What drives me? Why do I do the things that I do? How can I connect this with my company or my corporate values?

Our clients discover: How many ‘why’s’ are there for me, my team or my leadership team? For each question, there are different motivations behind the same behaviour. There are a wide range of needs behind it and, the leadership team, for example, often has very different objectives. We need to learn that people may support the same values or work for the same company but do not have the same motivations. This is where we can help.

What is it based on?

It's the Reiss Motivation Profile, which we’ve been working with since 2004 as an exclusive licensor. Back then, however, we worked with it in a very traditional way, using it for individuals in the field of personal development. We selected consultants who integrated the Reiss Motivation Profile into their work.

We have now noticed that only a few of these consultants are working in large companies, which is where they can be most effective. We therefore think there is a need to provide this information directly to company leadership so that they can work with it themselves. Previously, companies used to buy in external training. Now, they prefer to be inspired by something external but actually do it themselves, because we know ourselves best. I believe there is a clear trend for companies to want to have and use highly personalised information.

We can provide the extra information you need about employees, clients and participants. We look for the fastest, clearest, simplest and most direct way of offering clients the support they require. We work on this together, with you.

Why do you focus on training institutions and companies?

Why do you focus on training institutions and companies? This has gradually grown over time. I have been working on it for 10 years. I have always wanted to pass on this knowledge; we have people based in training institutions and companies who have the greatest leverage effect where they can achieve the most. If, for example, a senior manager wants to do something with their people, they need to know what makes them tick. Once they know this, they can help their employees in totally different ways. That is part of my vision.

What role do you play in RMP?

As well as being the managing director, I also look after the certified RMP masters. Brunello and I manage recruitment and development together; my focus is on support, training and coaching clients, partners and individuals. I see myself as a companion and love helping clients out along their journey.

Fundamentally, what added value do you bring to your clients?

We show them a way (reflect), tailor to the individual (match) and we also provide some support, but the client does the essential work themselves (perform): It is inspiring when the client has understood and can work with this knowledge themselves. The client gets the information from us that they need and we provide everything so that the client can take action themselves. Making personality, i.e. individuality, clearer, simpler and less complex; that’s the added value we provide. This doesn't require the involvement of specialists: It just requires simple, fast access to the necessary information and an individual who wants to achieve something. Is this you?



Brunello Gianella

Your success relies on you getting to know yourself and others more deeply, so that you can deploy your resources where they are most efficient.

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Mr Gianella, you manage RMP Swiss together with your son. In your opinion, what is special about your company?

We see ourselves as providing support to people, institutions and organisations who have set themselves the objective of generating success through people. All these key players are constantly faced with the challenge of knowing and appropriately using their clients’ and employees’ individual motivations. We want to make their intervention more effective. Our contribution is to ensure that: ‘Now is the time for success’, and to accelerate it.

What are the processes involved?

Anyone who works successfully with people, whether with one individual or several, has in-depth knowledge of the intrinsic motivators of participants / coachees / clients / employees / patients / partners. Nowadays, this is an absolute must; very often, there is a lot of work involved and the results are generally not grounded in science. We provide this piece of the puzzle in a very simple way. Everything happens online, it's all based on science and we provide it in a format that fits in with how the trainer / consultant / coach works and with the organisation and their management.

Who would be interested in RMP and why?

We recommend it to anyone who works with people. We are convinced that having an awareness of your own core qualities, intrinsic motivators in life, basic desires and internal values is a prerequisite for understanding the core qualities, intrinsic motivators in life, basic desires and internal values of people who you live and work with. Not knowing these individual triggers is often the greatest obstacle to feeling motivated and achieving success. This is where RMP comes in.

How do companies, universities or other training institutions work with RMP? Does it involve change?

Every organisation knows exactly WHAT they do and has a clear idea of HOW they do it. If they work with people, they also need to know precisely WHO they’re working with and for WHOM they are doing this. At this level, it’s about internal values and making them fit, resulting in deliberate ways of working with and for people. If I know what the lecturer, participant or group needs to be successful, I can set the course accordingly, before wasting time and resources. Our three-step program of reflect / match / perform aims to adjust to the internal values. This is where RMP is an irreplaceable tool.

What have your clients found works much better than before?

Before tying up key resources, the client can set a clear course for success, placing people in a context that makes success achievable because their internal VALUES match. Who fits best with whom, who doesn’t? What do I have consider when dealing with A in order to make success achievable? Which methods suit B and which are less suitable? What is the best way for C to learn? Where are the possible conflicts? Who will be easy to get on with and who won’t? Where will I need to adjust how I work, where won’t I? Users of the RMP can find answers to these questions in the tool box.

If you had to summarise RMP in a single sentence, what would you say?

Success comes from the inside and travels outward, not the other way round. Knowing the core qualities, intrinsic motivators, basic desires and internal values of people is essential in order to work with them.