Make your individual success possible in a faster and more sustainable way with the Reiss Motivation Profile®:

When people meet, their individuality sometimes gets in the way and in the worst case causes conflicts. Therefore, the Reiss Motivation Profile® does not only bring relief in interpersonal relationships in a professional context - such as in management development, team building, personnel development or recruiting. Families, couples and friendships also profit from it in the long term.

  • Gain meaning and significance for your life.
  • Understand yourself and others better.
  • Use individuality as a chance.
  • Live according to your intrinsic motives.
  • Make self-determined decisions.
  • Learn to respect and appreciate differences.
  • Use your potentials.

Enabling individual success faster and more sustainable

One questionnaire - 16 findings - A path to success

Step 1 Fill in the questionnaire

Fill in the online questionnaire. This will take about 30 minutes.

Step 2 Get to know your profile

Get to know your personality through the glasses of the 16 life motives.

Step 3 Understanding motives

Have your personality profile explained to you and find a way to achieve your goals.

Get certified online to become an RMP Master!

The new E-Learning course for the Reiss Motivation Profile®-Master (at the moment only in german language)

Use our e-learning course for the Reiss Motivation Profile® Master now. You are not bound to a fixed date and place for a classroom course, but have the possibility to learn at your own pace and at a flexible time. In addition, you can delve deeper into individual topics exactly where you want to.

To the point:

  • Flexible and autonomous, without fixed dates.
  • You control the tempo and the use of your time.
  • The opportunity to delve deeper into the subject matter exactly where you need to.
  • Travel costs and effort are minimized - this saves time and conserves resources.

Once you have completed the online certification, you can start using the application immediately.

RMP® works on a scientific basis


The 16 basic desires of the Reiss Motivation Profile® were determined strictly empirically: They are based on the factor-analytical evaluations of seven studies with a total of 2548 test subjects and could be confirmed in two follow-up studies with 512 and 522 Japanese test subjects, also across cultures. Overall, all factor analyses show a reliable and valid factor structure.

The standard work for all RMP masters

Workbook – The Reiss Motivation Profile®

This book is directed at all those who work professionally with the Reiss Motivation Profile® or want to be trained as Reiss Motivation Profile Master®. Accordingly, it provides a comprehensive insight into the theory of the 16 life motives as well as the empirical statistical background for the test construction of the Reiss Motivation Profile®. (The manual is in German language)