Training for the Reiss Motivation Profile® Master

Accompany other people to success with the Reiss Motivation Profile®.

We will show you which wheel you need to turn to make success even faster, more efficient and more resource-saving.

Qualify yourself - and make an even greater contribution to the success of an individual, a team or an organisation as a Reiss Motivation Profile® Master.


Theory of the 16 motives of life

The 16 life motives

  • Research/empirical basics
  • Psychological Diagnostics
  • Factor analysis as a method of test construction
  • Motivational psychological value

Reiss Motivation Profile® Test

  • Psychometric data
  • Implementation and evaluation
  • Possibilities and limits
  • Fields of application

Practice of the 16 life motives

Interpretation of the Reiss Motivation Profile®

  • Application in individual consulting or coaching
  • Reiss Motivation Profile® and communication
  • Reiss Motivation Profile® and partnership
  • Reiss Motivation Profile® and career

Reiss Motivation Profile® Motif combinations

  • Characteristic combinations

Reiss Motivation Profile® in operational use

  • Coaching
  • guided tour
  • Team development and intervention possibilities
  • Career
  • Development of potential

Get certified online to become an RMP Master!

The new E-Learning course for the Reiss Motivation Profile®-Master

Use our e-learning course for the Reiss Motivation Profile® Master now. You are not bound to a fixed date and place for a classroom course, but have the possibility to learn at your own pace and at a flexible time. In addition, you can delve deeper into individual topics exactly where you want to.

To the point:

  • Flexible and autonomous, without fixed dates.
  • You control the tempo and the use of your time.
  • The opportunity to delve deeper into the subject matter exactly where you need to.
  • Travel costs and effort are minimized - this saves time and conserves resources.

Once you have completed the online certification, you can start using the application immediately.