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  • Make excellent, successful use of your human resources.
  • Learn more about yourself and others.
  • Leverage the intrinsic motivations behind achievements in yourself and others.
  • Make autonomous decisions.
  • Express and make the most of individuality.
  • Appreciate what makes you different.
  • Uncover hidden potential.
  • Discover and understand internal drivers.


Workbook – The Reiss Motivation Profile®

This book is directed at all those who work professionally with the Reiss Motivation Profile® or want to be trained as Reiss Motivation Profile Master®. Accordingly, it provides a comprehensive insight into the theory of the 16 life motives as well as the empirical statistical background for the test construction of the Reiss Motivation Profile®. (The manual is in German language)

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That's what users say to RMP

The Reiss Profile represents a huge enrichment in our company. We work with this tool from trainee to company management.  It has always been a lot of fun to support our employees in the company, but the Reiss Profile gives it even more PACK ON. Everybody is enthusiastic about it and my quotes of the employees for the work with the RMP speak for themselves.

We are now in an even better position to turn our employees into co-entrepreneurs, because the profiles make many things visible that these young people are not even aware of.

By the way, I think it would be great to make this available to kindergarten teachers - how many kids would have how many more opportunities ...

Sabine Klejbor KBO-Group

It is not so easy to put into words what the Reiss Profile has done to us:
Within the family there is much more and very deep understanding for each other. Where we used to react to each other rather annoyed, there is now a wink. Even our children have their children explained by me and my son wants to work with Reiss Profiles himself after his studies.
In my practice, I work with people who are in crisis situations, either health-wise or emotionally. Here I can see and understand people in a completely different way. The people in turn understand that their conflicts are not based on carelessness but on their differences.

Eva Hüttges

How quickly the year "flew by". As a trading company, we used almost 70 completed Reiss Profiles in personnel development last year. We are very proud of this.

At this point we would also like to thank you that we have been able to get along with you well. At the beginning we were already sceptical whether we would like to continue this way. But today we are very satisfied that we made the decision and went the way with you.

We wish you continued success and look forward to new suggestions and ideas from you, so that we can all continue to develop.

All the best and a further great cooperation

Gönül Kavas KODI.de

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