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Like a fingerprint, each human being has his individual motif profile that shows information on the expression of the 16 basic desires.

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Reiss Motivation Profile

rmp-example graphWhat determines your life: What is really important to you? Success, wealth, career? - or family? What makes you successful? What makes you happy?

As US psychologist Steven Reiss found out after many years of research with thousands of test subjects, not only one or two basic desires determine our existence, but 16 vital needs and values - our basic desires. Thereby, every person has - like an individual fingerprint - a distinctive "basic desire profile".

Steven Reiss, psychology professor at the University of Ohio, began his extensive empiric work about the basic desires of human behaviour in the middle of the 90s. Together with the psychologist Susan Havercamp, in a phase lasting until 1998, he gathered about 400 different aims, which could be assigned to 16 basic desires.

In the second investigation phase, these 16 "final basic desires" were checked for their completeness and cross-cultural general validity with over 3.500 test participants.
The Reiss Motivation Profile (RMP) is easy to apply: For answering the 128 questions you need about 15 to 30 minutes. The RP can be carried out as an individual test or partner test.

The test is evaluated with a software program, the customer receives a detailed description and, beside a coloured graphic basic desire profile, an interpretation of his/her profile. The RMP is carried out and interpreted by a qualified "Reiss Profile master”.

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